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Course materials will be sent within 24hrs of registering through this link. This is a pre-recorded course. Sessions are not live, but students will receive feedback from Carla Barry.


The Application Pro Course is your opportunity to learn everything that you need to know when applying to college. In this course, we will cover many different topics, equipping you with the tools needed to make the college application process as painless as possible. Upon completing this course, you will have mastered the Common App and personal statement.


View Course Syllabus:


Students will be responsible for completing all assignments and can expect up to 2 hours of homework each week. I will check in periodically and will provide feedback on assignments. However, for 1:1 assistance, I recommend private consultations outside of this course.


Sessions are scheduled to be 60-minutes long but may run over time so please plan accordingly. 

Application Pro Course On-Demand

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